building design
public and private

building design by sandro gravili

We design public and private buildings; the guiding principles are sustainability, rationalism and functionalism.



We restore historic buildings and bound assets in order to preserve and enhance their historical and artistic value.

energy requalification of buildings

e riqualificazione

restauro di edifici storici e beni vincolati

We restructure existing buildings in order to improve their architectural quality and energy performance

interior design

interior design

We develop architecture and interior design projects, shop fittings, exhibitions and art installations.

prototype design
for companies

prototype design

We design design products with particular attention to the construction process, life cycle, ergonomics and usability.

graphic design

graphic design

We develop graphic products to be printed, published and transmitted via digital media.

architetctural surveys

architetctural surveys

We reproduce existing architectural works with two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations.

legal assistance on Italian architecure market

legal assistance

We offer legal assistance on sales and legal disputes in the Italian architecure market.

buildings estimate

bulidings estimate

We carry out appraisals to estimate builidings in order to calculate its value on the italian market.