Victory at competition - Ascotrade eco-friendly sales office

Ascotrade - Sandro Gravili

The architect Sandro Gravili won the competition for the conversion of the Ascotrade commercial office in Pieve di Soligo into an eco-friendly sales office.
The jury has expressed the following evaluation: The solution deepens and resolves the themes proposed by the call for tenders through a simple but effective interior architecture, with a solution in line with the expectations of a company in strong growth. The solutions appear legible and functional. The strongly characterized vision of the general graphic communication concept and the research on eco-compatibility was interesting. The new sustainable customer relationship system and the multi-functionality of the display elements were convincing to the jury. The proposal turns out to have a high degree of flexibility and can be easily replicated and extended to a network of sales points.

Venezia di carta - book publication

Venezia di carta

Paper Venice is a "guide" to the absent Venice. It collects projects developed for the lagoon city between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that have not yet been completed. He builds a story around the "missed opportunities" of Venice. Introduced by short essays, the presentation sheets of the individual projects form a discourse around the ideas, the hypotheses, the visions that have animated the history of this city and outline an other image.
The volume, edited by Alessandra Ferrighi, brings together 48 projects for Venice from 1797 to 2008.
Sandro Gravili contributed to the publication by presenting the unrealized projects by Giancarlo De Carlo related to the New University of Venice and the material testing laboratory for the University of Architecture of Venice designed for the redevelopment of the peripheral area of Mestre, between Canal Salso and Via Torino , in 1991.
Lettera ventidue Edizioni - January 2018

New projects have been included in the architecture section

New architectural projects

The studio's recent projects have been included in the architecture section: online residences in Bibano; urban planning, square, botanical garden and installation for events in Caluso.

A WEEK WITH... Iñaqui Carnicero - Online Magazine

Workshop con Inaqi Carnicero

The publication that collects the design experiences of the international architecture workshop held by Iñaqui Carnicero with the collaboration of Sandro Gravili and Federica Alberti at the IUAV University of Architecture in Venice is online

workshop with iñaqui carnicero - iuav

Inaqui Carnicero restauro Macello Madrid

Sandro Gravili and Federica Alberti collaborated in the workshop held by Professor Inaqui Carnicero of Cornell University in New York at Iuav.
The workshop focused on the design of a multi-purpose space in the former slaughterhouse in Madrid.

lecture - Gian Carlo De Carlo, housing - iuav

Gian Carlo De Carlo, housing

Sandro Gravili based on the research conducted in the project archive Iuav gave the lecture Gian Carlo De Carlo - housing in the course of architectural and urban planning chaired by Serena Maffioletti in the third year of the three-year degree in architecture, construction and conservation at the University Institute of Architecture of Venice - IUAV.