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Sandro Gravili Architecture & Design Studio mainly deals with the design of buildings and residential complexes, individual villas, multi-purpose buildings , hotels, shopping centers, industrial complexes, special buildings, stadiums and sports facilities, airports, museums, skyscrapers, bridges, ports and infrastructures communications, hospitals, squares and public infrastructures. Furthermore, the studio deals with restoration and restoration of historic buildings, urban planning and urban regeneration, but also interior and exterior furnishings with particular attention to the design of greenery and the landscape. The guiding principles of the study are sustainability, sustainable development, rationalism and functionalism.


Sandro Gravili Architecture & Design Studio deals with industrial design, in collaboration with Italian and multinational companies, develops design projects for furniture, chairs, furniture, tables, kitchens, bathrooms and furnishing accessories. It also develops lighting design projects and stand design. The studio develops projects paying particular attention to the relationship between product and user in order to improve aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and usability. The firm also deals with improving the marketability of the product on the market, its construction process and the related life cycle. Products, packaging and construction systems will be developed to avoid creating waste in the biosphere.

Art & Graphics

Sandro Gravili Architecuture & Design Studio develops visual communication products in the field of graphic, typographic and advertising graphics, intended to be printed, published or transmitted via electronic media in order to communicate a message to the public in the simplest and most effective way. The firm is also highly specialized in web design in the design of internet sites both in the graphic aspect and in the programming according to the SEO in order to optimize the parameters and the search engine positioning. It provides companies with marketing and web marketing consulting on social media and mass media to improve their visibility and competitiveness.

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artistic installation
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